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Expanding the data processing functionality of the SCAN Engine

Status: New

Many measurement and process control application run at relatively slow rates (<100Hz). Using SCAN Engine on the CompacRIO for data acquisition is ideal for these applications because you don't need to program the FPGA and all the measurement and control logic can be implemented on the Real-Time controller.



In many cases you want to process your data before you analize it. Currently you only have the ability to get the raw measurement data from the AI modules, so you need to add the data processing code to your existing LabVIEW program. It would be helpful if the SCAN engine could offload some of the data processing (ex. lowpass filter or sample average) to the FPGA and provide the user with already processed data. For example, this functionality can be added to the module configuration page:


SCAN Engine.png   

Sev K.
Senior Systems R&D Engineer | Wireless | CLA
National Instruments
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I almost always create a hybrid-mode FPGA bitfile when I need data from analog input card like the 9205 or 9215 and do a rolling  average on the FPGA . I suppose you could do a timed loop synchrozied to scan engine and do it there, but you would need to run your scan engine at a faily high speed (100 Hz or more) , which I do not like to do. Good idea.