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Distributed System Manager Display Cluster Values

Status: New

The Distributed System Manager does not allow one to see the values for a cluster in a deployed process.  It would be nice to view and edit values in the cluster.

NI Employee

This might be hard to implement for large complex clusters. Imagine what it would look like if you had an array with over 1000 elements or even multiple arrays that large. I am going to move this to the Real-Time Idea Exchange so that the Real-Time R&D group who works a lot with Distributed System Manager can at least have a look at this idea.


Hard to implement? I dont think so... the Probe window can handle it.


Great idea!

Active Participant

My company typically uses the DSM for troubleshooting purposes. So, even if it's just an instantaneous view of the data -- like the probe window -- it would be a fantastic step up. The current behaviour of the DSM has significantly influenced our software design, but not in a good way:


I understand that it would be hard to implement a historical chart for large clusters/arrays. I can't think of a use case for this. But, if someone really really wants to, maybe the DSM can let the user specify which element(s) to show?

Certified LabVIEW Developer


This could be really useful for us as well.  Let me know if  you guys find a better way to group data for your application.