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Steen S. Schmidt

Debug reentrant VI in LV RT

Status: New

I really miss the ability to debug reentrant VIs in LabVIEW real-time. Currently there is no way at all, short of indirect probing by programming your own debug functionality (logging of some sort).


I understand there are inherent difficulties in this, since LV RT systems are typically headless, and definitely GUI-less (except for maybe www-access).


But, maybe if we had a way to send a BD reference to a Host PC, the block diagram could be opened there? Something like an Open.BD method with a "destination" input on it? Then the reentrant VI could open its own BD on another LabVIEW instance running Desktop LV.

CLA and CTA. Worked with LabVIEW from 4.0 to 2010 and counting...
Active Participant

Same request as this idea


Reentrant RT Debugging

Steen S. Schmidt

Ok, didn't find the duplicate idea when I searched for it - not tagged properly perhaps? That idea didn't have any response from NI though, and it is 1½ years old by now. About time for a re-run?


I have actual ideas how to implement such a feature - not just a request. We find it hugely problematic not to be able to debug reentrant VIs on LabVIEW RT. It's costing us and our customers big bucks (tm). It has gone to the extent that one of our green engineering customers internally warns against using reentrant VIs on RT at all.

CLA and CTA. Worked with LabVIEW from 4.0 to 2010 and counting...
Active Participant
...and now this is 2.5 years old itself. Shall I create another duplicate idea, to carry on the tradition? 😄

Certified LabVIEW Developer