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Allow RT FIFOs to be of type LV Class

Status: New

I had posted this idea to the LabVIEW idea exchange before, but it makes more sense to have it here.


It would be very useful that RT FIFOs could be of type lvclass as long as the class' private members are of static types (perform the same check that is done for clusters when you try to use them as the type for RT FIFOs).

Javier Ruiz - Partner at JKI
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NI Employee (retired)

Could you elaborate on your idea a bit more? I don't know what changing it to type lvclass would allow a user to do that can not currently be done. It would also be helpful if you posted an example of a situation that this change would fix. This will allow a better understanding of the issue and make sure it gets the attention it may deserve. 


Alex D

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Alex D
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