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Allow RT FIFOs to be of type LV Class

Status: New

It would be very useful that RT FIFOs could be of type lvclass as long as the class' private members are of static types (perform the same check that is done for clusters when you try to use them as the type for RT FIFOs).

Javier Ruiz - Partner at JKI

What would be the best alternative, with the current LV RT tools, that would allow me to keep determinism and class abstraction at the same time?

Javier Ruiz - Partner at JKI
Knight of NI

The problem I see here is you have children in the mix.  Each child has their own private data, which means a different memory footprint than the parent.  And you can have different children all with their own different private data, meaning different memory footprint.  And heaven forbid you have a child have an array in its private data, but it is loaded dynamically so you cannot really check it.


Your best bet would probably to use a normal queue.  You can load it up with as many elements as you would ever expect and then dequeue all of those elements.  Now you have the memory mostly allocated, which will boot your determinism.

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