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Ability to programatically stop any application running on RT system

Status: New

I need a simple way to stop, from a PC, the startup application (if any) running on the RT system. This would work without prior knowledge of what is running on the RT.


This could be VI based solution that I could use in developing a startup upload application.


This would allow me to FTP new application files to the RT system as new startup code. Currently, if there is a startup application running on the RT system I cannot replace the application file since it is in use and I cannot stop the application without having access to the LV development system. I want too make this upload process into a user run software application for a PC connected to the RT system - without the user having access to the LV development software.

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You should be able to use the NI System Configuration to programmatically reboot the target into install mode.  This will stop your startup application and some of the drivers to allow you to replace files on the system that may normally be in use.  After you have replaced the files you can use the to reboot the target back into normal mode.