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"Open VI Reference" hangs indefinitely in Item Interface VI

The Open VI Reference VIServer prim hangs indefinitely when it is called inside the Item_CanDragToProjectWindow Item Interface VI.

Is there way to avoid this deadlock situation? (I have tried putting waits up to 1000msec before calling Open VI Reference, but these waits do not fix the issue)

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Hi Jack,

Sorry for the delay on this, the holiday week was quite busy for us.  I tried reproducing this, but could not see any hang.  However all I tried was calling Open VI Reference in the CanDragToProjectWindow VI.  Can you shed some more details on what your code is doing to reproduce the hang?  Also, what version of LabVIEW did you see this in?

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David, long story short, I re-architected to statically include the dependency rather than dynamically calling it. This change reticulated into other architectural changes, and before I knew it spent two days shaving a yak (Don't know whether to put a or a or a here, but certainly now that it's behind me with some net-great side-benefits of the re-work!!)

The version of LabVIEW was 2012 32-bit, and if it's pertinent information, I was trying to dynamically call one of the Provider API vis (<labview>\resource\Framework\Providers\API\ The entire environment would hang on the OpenVI ref for that operation. And again, we can now file this bug into the lower-priority "just watch out for it" category rather than "showstopper" 🙂

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JackDunaway wrote:

...and before I knew it spent two days shaving a yak ... now that it's behind me with some net-great side-benefits of the re-work!!

The exact reason yak shaving can be a good thing

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I can honestly say that I end up shaving yaks almost every day in my job, so I can understand the benefits!

Well since this is not urgent and it'll be pretty hectic around here for the next few weeks because of holidays, I'll put this one on my To-do list and let you know if I find anything useful.

Thanks for the update and hope you all have a great holiday and New Year!


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Thanks for the quick reply, David -- happy shaving, and happy holidays.

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