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VI Documentation and Functionality for Get/Set Properties

Per David's bolded request to report our experiences with the API, here are a few suggestions to make the interfaces for "mxLvSet*" and "mxLvGet*" clearer:

  1. The VI descriptions mostly refer to the "String" datatype - looks like String was the prototype for creating the others datatype getters/setters
  2. The input terminal label of "String" is ambiguous, especially on GetStringProperty, which has two "String" input terminals (name suggestions: perhaps "Property Name", or "Key", or "Tag" or similar). It appears that the Front Panels perhaps have different Captions than Label, also. Granted, changing this could affect functionality for existing brittle applications relying on terminal labels; let's keep our fingers crossed nobody's relied on this
  3. The "Default Value" terminal for the Get Properties is not returned in "Value" if the function errors; e.g., if the function is run with an invalid Item Ref. Again, fixing this functionality could break existing applications, but would provide a more intuitive experience with the Default Value terminal in the future.
  4. The Default Value terminal is sometimes set to Recommended, and sometimes Optional on the Get VIs; not a big deal, just consistency

Hope these help!

Below: Default value is not returned on error; Labels/Captions mismatch between FP and CH; Two "String" inputs on CH; "Default Value" is 'Optional' here, whereas most are 'Recommended' (CH is configured to show optional inputs)

Screen Shot 2012-09-11 at 12.32.04 PM.png

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Hi Jack,

Sorry for the late response.  The notification email somehow got lost in my inbox. 

Thanks for the feedback!  These consistency/documentation points are actually something that's irked me for a while.  I've started keeping a list of all these little things and plan on sending it to R&D once it's finalized.  I'll update the forum with the CAR once it's done.

Keep the feedback coming!


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Just a quick update, I filed a CAR that covers these items with CAR ID 372922. 

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