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Useful Tool for Project Provider Developers

I posted a little tool to the LabVIEW Tools Network Developer Center that I find extremely useful for developing project providers.

When developing project providers, you must restart LabVIEW everytime you make a change to the provider VIs.  This quick drop plugin in will quickly restart LabVIEW (using the Restart LabVIEW VI Server Method) with 4 easy key strokes: Ctrl-space, Ctrl-Q.

Restart LabVIEW Quick Drop Plugin

I hope others find it useful as well!


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Hi David,

Can we find a way to make LabVIEW reload provider only?

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Currently I know of no way.  I feel like this would be very difficult to achieve because the provider VIs are loaded at run time and resetting or reloading them might have ill effects. 

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