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Reuse right-click menu item for different providers

I am trying to reuse the same menu item (LVOOP Assistant) for (at the moment) two seperate Provider plugins (Create Child Class, Rename LVOOP Labels) - i.e. each have their own ini file etc..

However, it creates two seperate entries for LVOOP Assistant.

Is there a way to fix this? - I experiemented with weight but that didn't help.


If not I am guessing I may have to just release everything in the one provider.



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I know of no way to do this in separate providers.  I think you're best bet will to have them all as one provider 😞

If you want to get really creative, you could probably have one "Main" provider that populates the menu with data stored globally.  Then each of the sub-providers can register their menu entries in the global data space.  However this seems like it could get hairy and might not be worth the effort...

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[effort] I concur - as long as you are happy signing another file

Thx for the reply.

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Don't mind at all, send it my way...

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