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Request for project provider functionality...

I'm reasonably certain we can't do this now, but please let me know if I'm wrong.

I'd really like to be able to extend the project window to include custom tabs.  I envision creating new project views on each tab--things like an alphabetical view, an inheritance view, alternate organizational views, etc., possibly extending it to include simple uml diagrams for communication purposes.

(Hey, I can dream can't I?)

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That's a great dream, but unfortunatly just a dream at this point.  I'd suggest going to the idea exchange and see if you can get a big enough following.  You don't even have to suggest it in the context of the project provider framework, but just to provide a way for developers to add additional tabs to the project window. 

If you do so, post the link up here and we can all vote it up too... 

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David_L wrote:

I'd suggest going to the idea exchange and see if you can get a big enough following.

I already did... about 6 months ago.  It garnered 9 kudos, which is probably the 4th highest vote count any of my ideas have received.    (My ideas generally don't appeal to the masses.)

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That's too bad.  You are right that some of these highly powerful features and ideas do not appeal to a huge audience.

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Now 10 you get my vote

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