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Project Provider INI File Signer Tool

Oh sorry, I've only got one kudo to give.  And the fact that your forum name isn't blue means NI didn't take my advice.

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Hey peeps,


Made this small wrapper for the INI signer.

No hassle; no fuss.


Select the ini file and it will be signed.



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When was this tool (and this group, I guess) first made public? I haven't found an answer to that anywhere.

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‎Judging by the first post, I'm guessing 04-10-2012 @ 11:34 AM

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@McQuillan wrote:

‎Judging by the first post, I'm guessing 04-10-2012 @ 11:34 AM

That's not true.  I was asking about adding functionality to the Project Explorer at an NI Week probably around 2015.  Someone said there is this invite only group and I needed to talk to someone at NI and tell them what I want to do to be invited.  The Project Provider wasn't something NI had polished and didn't want to make public.  Looking at this group now it looks open to the public which is great, but doesn't answer Flarn's question.  I'd say it was within the last couple of years for sure.

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A short history:  In the early days of the LabVIEW Tools Network (2011ish), myself and one other engineer from R&D documented this secret feature and exposed it to a select few developers we had direct contact with.  In 2012 we presented a teaser to the CLA summit with a CTA to contact us for more information.  From there forward we kept it behind a private group, but pretty much gave access to anyone who asked as long as they understood the risks and non-support we were offering.  Eventually gating access to this community caused us more work than it was worth, so we decided to finally open this to the public, with the same caveat that it's risky, unstable, unsupported and a really bad idea to use in general.  This was maybe in the 2016 timeframe, but exact dates are blurry to me.  

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