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Items pane vs. Files pane

Is there a way to know, within an OnPopupMenu VI, if the right-click that caused the VI to run happened in the Items pane or the Files pane in the project window?


My end goal is to prevent my provider menu items from appearing when right-clicking in the Files pane. I only want the menu items to appear when right-clicking in the Items pane.

DNatt, NI
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You can use the Project.Items View Active property. It tells you when you have the items view active so you can reverse the logic to know when you have the Files view active.


The trick is you need to have the code run for both Items and Provider level OnPopupMenu code since on the files pane, folders aren't treated as items. If you just add the code below to your items OnPopupMenu, you'll see the popup box when you right click on files but not folders.




George M
National Instruments
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Thanks gmart. Your powerful project provider prowess is positively perfect.

DNatt, NI
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