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Item_WasDroppedOnVI: Type of Result

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Hi all,


the documentation on the Item_WasDroppedOnVI interface VI states that the type of the Result output can be found in LvProject.h, however i fail to find any reference to that header or to the type lvProjectDropResults anywhere. If I simply use a variant instead, all controls are initialized to zero when the VI is called. Also, none of the mentioned examples or toolkits seem to implement that interface.


Could someone please point me in the right direction?




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Hey Phillip,


The reference to "LvProject.h" is referring to the LabVIEW source code.  Since this feature used to be an internal-only feature, much of the documentation was kept within the source code itself.  When we released this to the public, my colleague and I tried our best to document it in a public-friendly way, but we must have missed this one.  Unfortunately since I don't work at NI anymore, I don't have access to this .h file, so the only way we'll get any update on this is if someone from NI sees this and can look into it.



David Ladolcetta - Certified LabVIEW Architect
DSP Tools Engineer - Cirrus Logic

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Accepted by topic author GrasslSohatex

A mysterious being sent me an anonymous tip.  Shh don't tell...


typedef enum _lvProjectDropResults {
   lvProjectDropResults_Handled = 1,
   lvProjectDropResults_DoDefault = 2,
   lvProjectDropResults_KeepPrevious = 4,
   lvProjectDropResults_DropIsCopy = 8,
} lvProjectDropResults;
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Hi David,


thanks to you and the mysterious being. The VI seems to hang at scripting calls now, which is weird but at least it's being called with sane parameters. I can work with that!




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Hrmm that's no fun.  Make sure you understand contexts fairly well.  Having property and invoke nodes run in the Project Provider context can cause weird issues.  I've even heard of people spin up processes in the main application instance to run some code because of unexpected behavior while hiding in the provider context.  Good luck!

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