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Is the license ID for the 'IniFileSigner.exe' only allowed activation for once?

I had a license ID for the ini signer, and it had been actived in a computuer.

now i have a new computuer, and i want to use the ini signer for the provider development, but i can not be activation.

what can i do?

Is somebody knows how to do next? Tkx.

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Are you using the latest INI File Signer Tool?

Matt J - NI Tools Network
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The INI File Signer in my computer was download two years ago. And  i copy it to the new computer, then i submit the personal information and get a new activationfile.reg, is this cuase the license id invalid?

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I used the tools download from the new URL you gived, and now noted this information.


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Looks like that error only appears if the response, from the call to the signing cmd, is empty. Are you running LabVIEW with administrator privileges? Is the VI generating any errors in the Error Out?

Matt J - NI Tools Network
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The INI signing process has been posted publicly in an unofficial way.  I'm not saying you should go through this process to sign your own INI, but if you are having issues with NI's signing method this might work the same for you.

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Does the command line version work for you? I just downloaded it earlier and once I used full paths (and realised that %CD%\blah\blah\blah.ini wasn't a full path, because %CD% contained a space...) it worked fine for me, without any license needed.

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