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Interest in Open Source SCC provider?

Due to the bugginess of the LabVIEW supplied SCC provider, and the diffucult paradigm, I am thinking about an alternative SCC provider.

It will look a lot like the LabVIEW supplied provider but will allow users/developers to add there own SCC via LVOOP overrides.

Is ther any interest in such a project?

The project will have two main parts:

  • A SCC project provider adding right click support on files/folders in the Project explorer
  • A SCC class hierarchy that is used by the project provider and can be used by other tools.

Please provide your thoughts!


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This sounds like it could be pretty interesting.  Alternately, if there are ever specific bugs or problems that you come across in the provider framework, please let us know so we can improve on them going forward. 


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