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Enable/disable menu item


I would like to ask, how can I selectively enable/disable custom menu items. For example, I added "Tools/example item 1"  and "Tools/example item 2" to LabVIEW tools menu and I want, based on certain conditions disable/enable these items - based on where they are called from (whether from init screen, from  VI or from project). I also want to conditionally disable "example item 2", so that it will disabled until "example item 1" is called and executed. I know this is possible since several LabVIEW toolkits use this. Can someone please advise me on how this is done?

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Are you referring to the right-click menu item? If so, that's pretty straight forward. Typically I would do that in the method. Here's an example of that:




The source code for this provider is available on my GitHub:


Hope this helps 🙂

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Sorry, I re-read your message and you specifically asked about the LV Tools menu.


I haven't been able to find a way to do that (yet) as typically you initialize your tools menu in the method (which is only run once).


I will edit this reply if I come across anything.

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Thank you for your reply McQuillan,

yes, I am looking for the disabling of tools menu items. What I want to do looks like this example from Tools/Advanced menu with items "Export Strings..." and "Import Strings...":


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Hi Rashek,

I don't think this is possible.

Unfortunately  "Export Strings..." and "Import Strings..." is not implemented as a provider.

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Yeah, I would tend to agree with Hypiz. I'm normally pretty good at finding the source code for the native LV plugins to use as examples - I was able to find Mass Compile. But I couldn't find Export Strings anywhere in program files (I did a global "everything" search on my PC, then manually looked in the <labview>\project directory and the providers directory).

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It should be possible, for example this Add-on has it.


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Wow, you're right.

The magic is hidden in GlobalItemInterfaceVI / which is called item by item and where you can modify each of them.

Is it enough like this or shell I be more specific?

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