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Custom item/file type primary provider drag and drop

The primary provider examples supplied with the published documentation obviously don't show how to provide full functionality for custom file types. So how  can we make them "first class citizens" in LabVIEW, just like .vi, .lvclass, .lvlib files, which apparently must include:


1. Drag and drop (copy or move) the custom item/file from/to anywhere within a project including .lvclass, .lvlib and virtual folder nodes.

2. Drag and drop a file of a custom type into a project explorer window from Windows explorer and get it recognized as an item of the correct custom type there, not as a generic "file".

3. Get the custom file type associated with LabVIEW in Windows (or whatever OS) which means that double-clicking on it in, say, Windows explorer must start LabVIEW AND then open that file in the correct editor (assigned by the user) within LabVIEW, just like it is done in the cases of .vi, .lvclass, .lvproj and other native LabVIEW files.


Can somebody show an example of achieving all of the above with a primary provider? Maybe by modifying (extending, improving) the examples provided with the documentation.

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