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Build interface documentation

Creating build interface providers means we have to use the build methods





These methods are quite different from many of the other provider interface VIS, in that they use event references.

The way these events work are not documented, but they are still needed to signal progress to the Build result window.

I would like to see these VI documented so that we can correctly use all the build features.


PS. speaking of the build interface, I would also like to be able to remove some items in the PopUp menu. Several items are added by the Build_Monitor and it would be great to be able to select which items to be shown.

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Hi Jonas,

I agree it would be helpful for developers to have some documentation about Build interface.  It is on our To-do list to create this, but it wasn't a priority for the first set of documentation due to the complexity of the build interface and interacting with the other build specifications. 

There are some developers on this forum (internal and external) who have had with success on the build interface.  Perhaps if you had specific questions, they could provide some help in the mean time.

Thanks for the feedback!  Keep it coming!


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