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API wishes

It would be helpful to have a VI Server property (or method) that returns the ItemID of a ProjectItem:


Currently you can get the ItemID (string GUID) and Item Type GUID to form a NIIM and call Providers\API\, but it would be convenient if this were part of the native VI Server API.

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You mean this isn't good enough?  Looks close enough to me.


Kidding, I would agree this would be a useful addition to the VI Server API.

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Hold on... does that ship? Or is it your own? Cause that's straight-up what i'm looking for

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Haha, nope, just a VI I created by bundling the functions you mentioned.  I have a future side-project idea to create a project provider Palette and possibly include extra useful functions like this.   Let me know if anyone has other "would be cool" things like this that would be helpful for provider developers.

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