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"figure" cannot pop out in the exe mode

Hi, there, I plot sin(x) well in the vi, using the commands in Mathscript RT as follows: x=1:100; y=sin(x); figure; plot(x,y); However, when the exe file is generated, the figure does not appear any more. Does anyone know how to solve the problem?
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Perhaps I didnot describe the problem properly.

I mean, in the Mathscript node, the command 'figure' should work normally, however, when the .exe file is generated, no figure can appear anymore. 

I wonder what the '.exe' engine did to the mathscript node.

Any discussion is welcome.

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Or, is there any other method to monitor the parameters in the Mathscript Node in time?

For example, 

for i = 1:100



How to display the "i" in time?

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