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I am trying to graph variables of a simple system where mass is dropped out of a window. I require that the MathScript Node outputs yield 1D arrays of equal size so I can graph then against each other. However, I get an error that reads-

"Error -90011 occurred at Error in function * at line 5: The sizes of the input matrices are incompatible. Verify that the matrices have the same size or that one is a scalar."


Originally, I thought for each step in time, an element would be created for each node output. Now, my guess is that in the equation solving for position "x" in line 5, velocity "v" is an array of incompatible values. Could you please explain to me my mistake and how to fix it? I am using LabVIEW 2016.


Thank you for your time



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Relooking at the mathscript operators solved the problem. I had to use elementwise operators. 

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