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Using a neural network made with MATLAB toolbox in LabView?

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I would like to know how to train a neural network in Matlab and use this in Labview? I know I have to use the MathScript, but as I do that once the network trained in matlab is a .mat file?

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Hi GringoButzlaff1,


Well, it is not all MATLAB code/script that can run in LabVIEW by using MathScript.


If there is some IP (Intelectual Property) function in the code, that is, functions from any MATLAB Toolbox, you won't be able to run it using MathScript.


In fact, you should call the MATLAB script node in you code. This node invokes the MATLAB software script server to execute scripts written in the MATLAB language syntax, and are only available for windows.


Try coding it using the MATLAB script node and tell me if that worked for you.


Best Regards.



Felipe Flores
Application Engineer
National Instruments Brazil

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