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Labview NI math script


I am using Labview Ni match script RT module. 

I made a framework with subpanel . one of the subpannel included match script functions.

the framework made of project. whenever i opened the project it finds some match script vi's and it end up with not responding.


if i opened first sub panel (which has math scrip vis called) after opened project it could open everything.


I guess some where to included match script reference or library in to the project.


let me know if i missing some thing


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My first question would be, are the MathScript nodes really required? Can you replace them with native/basic LabVIEW code?


If that's not an option, then it sounds like what you're experiencing is (please point out where/if I'm wrong):

  • You have a project containing some VIs.
  • Some of these VIs contain the MathScript structure
  • If you open a subpanel (do you mean subVI? - I'm not sure you can meaningfully open a subpanel in non-running code...) before opening the project that contains that sub(VI?), then the project will load correctly after this?

You say "MathScript reference" - do you mean you're loading the scripts from a file path?

Are you sure that the path saved in the project is correct? (For example, do you see a dialog when you load a subVI that prompts you to search for the script, or that tells you it was found somewhere unexpected?)

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Attached image whenever i open project this pops up and loading freeeze...

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That dialog box indicates that LabVIEW is searching for a specific file (in your case, "NIMS_[I32,I32]=size(GM).vi" ).

If it doesn't find it, it may be that you're missing some required toolkit (this is less likely given that you can open things depending on order).


If waiting doesn't work (this may take some time, ~30s - 2 mins?) then you can try clicking Ignore. This will load the project with a missing file, but may allow you to try and change some aspects of the problem.

A second dialog box may pop up when it fails to find the file (during loading) asking you to navigate to the file and select it. You can click cancel for this dialog and then Ignore, if you don't know where the file is...


When you open the first VI, it probably loads from a path relative to that VI, which allows the project to then use the copy found "in-memory". Is there a file with that name near the subVI you're opening?


I suspect you may have a project you've copied from another computer, or downloaded from a colleague/friend/associate etc. Is that close to correct?

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