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Re: interface labview to arduino wirelessly



i am making a project 'energy management using wireless control' and for that i am using arduino mega2560 as TX and arduino UNO as RX , RF24 as transceiver and monitoring data in labview now i want to control devices from labview which are connected to arduino mega2560 so that devices can be controlled wirelessly .Is there method for doing that.? i just want an idea...

Thanks in Advance.

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Please describe in more detail on your project is configured. 



the main problem i am facing is that i have only 1 pair of RF24 transceiver ( 1 for TX and 1 for RX), firstly all information of environmental sensors are transmitting easily and receiving by RF24 connected to computer, now i want to interface my arduino to labview so that i can take control action from labview and now make RF24 as a transmitter  although it was a receiver previously.(the arduino which is connected to PC)

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If you are trying to use LIFA with an Arduino board that will be used as a wireless hub then you will be disappointed .  It appears you want to connect LIFA to one serial port on an Arduino board and your RF24 module to a second serial port on the Arduino board.  The existing version of LIFA does not have the capability to read or write to a second second serial port on an Arduino board. 

Instead of using LIFA use the serial interfacing capability of Labviedew to interface with your wireless hub.

If you have further questions please post your questions in the Discussion Forum.