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How do i upload the lifa_base.ino onto the board?



I am currently trying to use the arduino leoardo to interface with the labview but when downloading the firmware file on to the board it says error in the code.

Can somebody please help??

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The Arduino Leonard is incompatible with the standard version of LIFA.  The Arduino Leonardo is incompatible with the Adafruit Motor Shield library.  If one comments out all references to the Adafruit Motor Shield library in the LIFA firmware will compile.  It is a slow process to find all the references to the Adafruit Motor Shield library as the references are scattered through out LabvviewInterface.ino  As far as I know people don't used the Adafruit Motor Shield capability built into LIFA.  Hence removing the Adafruit Motor Shield capability from LabviewInterface.ino has negligible impact on how people use LIFA. 

Or you could use LINX.  The Arduino Leonardo is compatible with LINX.



What arduino software do you use ? I suggest you not to use Arduino Nightly version (the portable version), but use installer version (download from arduino website).

upload Lifa Base into the board, click file- open- C/Program files/National Instrument/Labview 2011/vi.lib/Labview Interface for Arduino/Lifa_Base. 

good luck.


Hey i cannot compile the .ino file it says it has so many errors. Can somebody please help me with an updated file of the .ino which has been corrected.