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Re: Error 5002 (unable to establish connection) arduino uno R3



I'm trying to control a stepper motor using arduino and labview. When I try to initialize the arduino on labview it gives the following error 5002: Unable to establish connection with Arduino.  Please ensure that you have selected the correct COM port and that you have flashed the Arduino with the correct firmware.

I used the maker hub firmware for the arduino and even used a simple led example form maker hub also and it work well.

I wrote a program using arduino software alone and stepper motor works. When I used the program example on labview is when the error occurs. Also I try to lowered the Baud rate because in NI-Max it says 9600 (default 115200) and also the bit package to 8 (default 15).

I checked the COM in Ni-Max and is the same number in device manager.

I'm using labview 2012, on win 7/ 64bit. Ni visa 14.01


What might be producing this error any ideas? If you need any extra information I will reply as soon as I can.

Thanks in advance.


I have the same error in Labview 2013, win7/64bit, NI Visa 14.01. Did you find the solution?


Yes I was able to fix it, but the solution that I found was a bit extreme. I had to restore the computer operating system to factory default.

On a side note I used linx toolkit to control the stepper motor using labview, now it works great.