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wiring/insert ... but also DELETE



there are a lot of functions with only one input and only one output.
In this case, it would be very useful and easy to also have the function "Delete".

Insert (very useful) .... but also "delete"

This would avoid having to delete it, have pieces of broken wiring on both sides,
remove the broken wiring .. and then rewire all.


It's not very user friendly, really.


Like this :



Trusted Enthusiast

Yes, i know .. we have the keyboard shortcut "CTRL space + CTRL R" to do that,

but it would be much easier to have it directly in the menu, like "insert".


Knight of NI

What should happen if the primitive has more inputs than outputs or if they are of different type?


When inserting, we can predict which input should be used by going slightly below or above the wire. Do you suggest a similar mechnism for "delete"?


In any case, the current "delete" functionality, (using the delete key, which breaks all wires) needs to be retained too, because that's what we sometimes need to do! To avoid confusion, your suggested new functionality should not be called "delete". How about "excise" or "remove"?

Trusted Enthusiast

"remove" instead of "delete", yes it's a good idea.


"What should happen if the primitive has more inputs than outputs or if they are of different type?"

the same behavior as < ctrl_space + ctrl_r >



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Kudo's to altenbach

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Status changed to: Completed

Available in LabVIEW 2015 and later

Darren Nattinger, CLA
LabVIEW Artisan and Nugget Penman