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save after undo

How about retaining the undo history after a VI has been saved? 


Trusted Enthusiast

This idea is an excellent idea!!!... and a duplicate of mishkylar's 5 months ago. Strangely, I notice that you (grubin698) Kudos'd his original idea. Remember to check the forum history before posting a new idea.




Message Edited by JackDunaway (mechelecengr) on 11-02-2009 03:15 PM
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Thank you! I have wanted this for so long! For some reason some of my long term projects fail to autosave so it is habit for me to hit control+s on a regular basis to make sure my work is saved. It's quite frustrating to realize I need to undo something right after I hit save. 


It would be great if the undo states were saved to disk, but to be honest I would be happy if my undo states didn't simply disappear when I hit save and I haven't even closed labview or the current VI


Mad Kudos to this idea. 

[will work for kudos]
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Also kudo the idea that jack has shown.

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