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rotate a frontpanel object

Status: New



I am looking for possibility to rotate a frontpanel object. I often use labview as a HMI, in this case it wood be nice to rotate an object by value.


Is there any one has a solution or the same problem.


Knight of NI Knight of NI
Knight of NI

I never really felt the need to rotate objects (they usually become not particularly readable in that state, and yes, I use LV as an HMI as well), but this should be doable by customzing the control, copying its image to an editing program, rotating the image and then copying it back.


Note that you might need to do this for several images inside the control and that it will mean that you might not be able to smoothly resize the control.


Also, here's an example which rotates elements in a picture control -

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Proven Zealot

> rotating the image and then copying it back.


That won't work if you actually need the control to be functional -- like rotating a slider bar to be on a diagonal.


I think this would be very useful. I don't think that it would be used in a way that would make front panels confusing and clutter. I would argue that this extra bit of customization can make some front panels much more aesthetically pleasing and space efficient.