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register drag ended event with frontpanel (and more?)

Dear friends of the colored cables,


I had a problem that sounded easy (as it is in most programming languages) but was not solvable in Labview. My problem was, I wanted to delete from a listbox by drag-dropping outside of the box. While BrokenArrow came up with a nice workaround it is not helping for other quality of life problems.

Imagine, you have a data evaluation tool that is ought to open a set of data. Drag-dropping the file from the explorer onto the frontpanel seems like a comfortable solution for the user; but right now it is only possible to drop to a path field.


While I think it is a good idea to remove not so frequently used operations from regulary used structures like the event structure, there should be a way to catch these events, anyhow.


Let me hear what you think and do not forget to Kudo if you like the idea.



Best, Questionmarker

Trusted Enthusiast
Trusted Enthusiast

Somewhere in the forum, Darin K. mentioned how he went around the exact issue with files that you are describing by putting a large, transparent, Path Control covering the whole panel.


I thought about this kind of solution. I decided against it, because I consider this to be painful for other programmers to realize that there is something large, invisible and its making strange things while arranging groups of controls and indicators on the FP. Also, it feels like a crutch, where I feel it should not be needed.

Trusted Enthusiast
Trusted Enthusiast

Fair enough. However, this makes your first statement inexact...

I kuddo-ed the idea, but as you sort of hinted at in your title, I think it would be more useful to make drop targets more general than just the panel. And while we are at it, drag sources should be extended to. For instance, I'd love to be able to drag a plot from one graph to another, or a file into graph, etc (for the latter, some work would be needed from the programmer to interpret the event, but you get the idea).