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"keep shift register tunnel value" - default case tunnel value

Status: Duplicate

Closed as duplicate based on reply from AristosQueue.



Maybe it would be difficult to implemented it in a user friendly way, but the proposal is related to structures like typical event handlers or state machine handler.  This "typical structure" is a while loop with a couple of shift registers with an included case structure (handling all events or states).  (I know it's not correct what I write, "confusing" an event handler with a case structure, but let me address both with the name "case structure".)

A usual situation is that in most cases, the value of a shift register is "forwarded" from the old value to the new value, except in a couple of cases (where the value changes).

For "output tunnels" in case structure you have the (very useful) option to use the default value (although an optional settable default could be extra useful?).

The idea proposed here is to have an additional option "keep shift register value", so you don't need a lot of wires going from left to right (maybe with some corners to go via the upper or lower part of the diagram).  Of course, a difficulty is that it would be a possibility in the combination of an output tunnel and its connection to a shift register (but I believe LabVIEW can handle already more complex tasks...).

The main goals are:

    - keep case diagrams "clean"

    - focus case diagrams on "changing things"

    - because of the previous two: simplify programming (and formatting - which is sometimes taking time in graphical programming environments).

(If it's not clear, I can try to make a clear example.)

Proven Zealot
Active Participant
Status changed to: Duplicate

Closed as duplicate based on reply from AristosQueue.

Christina Rogers
Productization Lead, LabVIEW R&D