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"Tab" keyboard shortcut: Swap between "Control", "Indicator" or "Constant"

Status: New

Currently, the "Tab" key is not individually mapped to an action for Block Diagram interactions; my suggestion is to use it to swap between "control", "indicator" and "constant", in the same way we already do with the options of the right-click menu "Change to Control/Indicator/Constant".

As an example, having selected a control on the BD, by just pressing "Tab" we would transform it into an indicator, a second press to a constant, and a third one would bring it back into being a control.


I understand this is a simple thing, but personally, I feel this ends up being one of the most repeated actions we end up taking as developers and I believe it would be intuitive to map it to a familiar key to many of us - tab.


Thanks all,


Knight of NI

Turn off the Autotool and you will see how Tab is used on the block diagram.

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I like this idea. We cannot use the Tab key because of all the users who turn off autotool, but there's lots of keys on the keyboard. I think this is worth exploring.

Proven Zealot

Shift+Tab is still free. But only when auto tool is on. If auto tool is off, it will be turned on as a bonus Smiley Very Happy.

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Or if a quick-drop shortcut could be set to be invoked by a key-press only, and not require ctrl+space -> ctrl+key.

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