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"Plot images" for the entire front panel

Status: New

Graphs have a plot images property that allows us to draw anything we want on the graph area using picture commands. (example 1, example 2).


I propose to have a similar property for the front panel (or specific pane) area that would allow us to address any pixel and use picture commands at run time (e.g. Plot Images.Front to temporarily circle an area to guide the user or place a huge red warning text across the entire panel in case of a malfunction. We could use Plot Images.back to change a logo or show a connection diagram picture, or similar. (currently, we only have the limited background image property)


This should be entirely cosmetic and should not interfere with the operation of controls, etc.


 Here's how it could look like at run time...


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Tried to propose something similar (but failed basic english comprehension tests) many moons ago.

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Shane, you a right that your old idea is somewhat similar (after reading it about five times :D). It does not contain any of the terms I used when checking for duplicates, no wonder I did not find it.


Since it did not collect any kudos for two years and only 2 only 3 so far since 2009, maybe we should keep both ideas up in parallel. Hopefully your link above will also send some additional kudos your way. 😄

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Yeah, my idea was fine but my descriptions are often (lets choose a kind phrase) cryptic.


I am a native english speaker, i swear!

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Trusted Enthusiast

To increase the chances to get this feature, one kudo for both ideas.

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Both Kudoed.


I would like to see this done in a 'modern' way using 3D acceleration where possible. This would give the option to render 3D models to the front panel and give extra 2D options using '2D in 3D' quads- i.e. image rotation, alpha and tinting in 'real time' for little to no CPU cost.

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I would like to be able to use this feature to provide how-to tutorial guides to a UI for new users as a timed sequence of displayed messages and graphics encircling and/or highlighting various controls/indicators.


I have seen various websites such as Google use this to introduce users how to use thier control panels etc.


Hope it happens in LV.

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You can use Pane.BackgroundImage, or am i misunderstanding something?

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>You can use Pane.BackgroundImage, or am i misunderstanding something?

We'd want an image on the front as well... As an overlay.