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"Open all callers" option from project

Status: New

Easy one:

Right click on an item in the project explorer, you have "Find Callers" and "Find SubVIs", select one of these, you get small pop-up window with a list, double click on an item of this list, the item comes to front and the list disappears :smileymad: ... I always get mad at that behaviour!


I'd like an option to OPEN all Callers of the VI, I mean of course all the callers that are part of the project in which your are.


I made a utility VI doing that in LV 8.6, if anyone likes it here's the snippet :


open callers.png

We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.


Antoine Chalons

Trusted Enthusiast

I like this - here's some more thoughts:


1. Instead of "Open All Callers" being a context menu item, make it a button "Open All" on the "Find All Callers" results dialogue. That way, you can be forwarned by the long list that clicking on "Open All Callers" for one of the backbone typedefs in the project is going to launch dozens of windows at you!


2. Even if there is not "Open All Callers" button, the root problem needs to be addressed - the "Find All Callers" results dialogue disappears when you double click an item, and it shouldn't. I would rather it stay open as you double click through each of the items... like the error list.


Here are more "Find All" related ideas: Allow the "Find All Instances/Callers/SubVIs" Window to be Resized, "Find All Instances" in Project Explorer, and A Better "Find Missing Items" and "Find Items with No Callers" in Projects.


I totally agree with Jack and hope there could be "Find All" button in "Find Callers" window.

And make the result window keep open until you close it.

Or you have to find callers, find callers, find callers....again again and again......Smiley Sad