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"Find All Instances" in Project Explorer

Status: New

In View VI Hierarchy we can right click and ‘Find all Instances’ to get a dialog box similar to the Error dialog box.  From there we can right click different instances of the VI to be taken to them on the BD.  Why then does Project Explorer only allow us to Find – Callers or SubVIs?  Add Find – All Instances to that menu as well.



Message Edited by Support on 06-03-2009 04:35 PM
Trusted Enthusiast

The "find all instances" only finds instances in VIs loaded in memory, that's not very convinient... when the VI for which we want to find all instance is part of a project, we should see all instances in the project wether or not the callers are in memory.


my 2 cents

We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.


Antoine Chalons

Trusted Enthusiast

TiTou - good point. I often use "Find All Callers" in the project (which has its limitations) N times, where N is equal to the number of callers, manually opening up each caller. Once they're all open, "Find All Instances" should do the trick (it DOES NOT suffice to simply open your "main" diagram, since dynamically called VI's would not yet be loaded into memory).


A one step process ("Find All Instances in Project" as proposed) would eliminate the laborious 2N+1+randomVariableX step process. (I consider it 2N because you have to Find All Callers, Double Click to Open, Find All Callers, Double Click to Open, Find All Callers, get lost in the list, uhhh, here, no already opened that one, Find All Callers.......)

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Trusted Enthusiast
Trusted Enthusiast

This is a much needed feature.


Much needed feature. Will make work much easier. Kudos please!