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"Create Sub-VI" when only a wire is selected

I just had a case today where I had an existing wire (An array of configuration parameters) and I selected the wire and then tried "Create Sub-VI" on it.  Nothing happened.


Perhaps it would be simply consistent behaviour if we then allowed creation of a simple VI with Wire Datatype in and out with input terminal connected to output terminal.

Active Participant

Agreed. And should be part of core... not just Quick Drop!

Chris Virgona
Knight of NI

This has already been suggested by X


Create SubVI from one or more selected wires

Proven Zealot

Indeed.  I know NI forces a search results window when proposing a new idea, but given how much the NI search sucks, it hardly surprises me that I did NOT find that entry.  It surprises me not to see it has already been proposed.  I was surprised when it didn't show up in my search.


I have duly Kudosed it.

Knight of NI

I certainly understand.  I have a hard time finding stuff when I know it exists and I know the keywords because it was my message.  It is even harder when it is someone else's message.

Example Gatekeeper
Trusted Enthusiast
Trusted Enthusiast

And now available through a shortcut plugin contributed by AQ: