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"Block Diagram Preferred = True"

Everyone knows it quickly becomes a mess when we have 3 or more subVIs opened. It means a total of 6 Windows tab on the taskbar.


Why we can't close the Front Panel Window and keep the Block Diagram opened?


It would be interesting that LabVIEW sets to true a flag in the VI if I save it while the front panel is closed. "FP.closed=True"


When LabVIEW opens a VI with that flag at True, it only opens the Block Diagram.


If the developer hits "Ctrl+E" or go to "Window/Show Front Panel", The front panel still exists.

Knight of NI

Duplicate: Allow ONLY the Block Diagram to be opened Without Front Panel

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Not really a duplicate as the other idea doesn't mention to store the preference in the VI file. It's more of a LabVIEW feature to open any VI Block diagram only.

Proven Zealot

It's true it's not a word-for-word exact copy but the basic sentiment is the same.


In extension of that, I would actually much prefer the other solution since the idea of not knowing how a VI will react upon opening depending on how it was last saved (just think multi-developer teams) makes me feel ill.  It's inconsistent behaviour and will end up being really frustrating.

Proven Zealot

I'll agree that this isn't an exact duplicate... which is why I'm going to recommend closing as Declined insted of closing as Duplicate, for the reasons that Intaris cited. That information has no business being inside the particular VI. It might be something that we record in the local harddrive as a separate file (like the VI object cache for VIs that use the "separate source code from compiled code" option), as that would be *your* local editing state.

Proven Zealot
Status changed to: Declined