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"Block Application Builder" Toolkit for Labview

The Lego NXT software release (not toolkit) is a wonderful interactive environment, that should be provided as an add-on application

on its own, call it "block application builder".  I see many useful applications in a variety of different industries where businesses wish to extend to their customers interactive and intuitive interface that they can program in their desired configuration of the product's behavior according to their own use cases.


That means we need an environment where we can prepackage blocks that is functionally specific to their applications, with ability to sequence them, run them in parallel, add conditional runs, and iterative loops. The blocks themselves could be computational in nature, or additionally provide user interface popups for interrogating the user, and have access to the full range of Labview functionality. Each block properties settings can appear as front panel settings for user to customize the behavior of that block. This is exactly how the

Log mindstorm software was configured, except we ask that you extend the availability of that functionality for the general users to develop their own intuitive applications using the same environment framework design. This application can target building the customer created sequence of operations as a windows .exe or .dll. We also would like to customize the menus in the application. In other  words, make the Lego mindstorm application a generic template for us to develop our own applications with similar intuitive framework.

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Darren Nattinger, CLA
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