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quick insert VI into wire

Sometimes I want to insert a unconnected Sub VI on my panel into a some wire. I always end up deleting and reconnecting the wires to insert my Sub VI.


I miss a solution to quick insert a VI into a wire without deleting and reconnecting the wires.


I know we already have the option to use the QuickDrop with ctrl+I, but I miss a solution to insert a VI (that already exists on my panel) into a existing wire.

What about clicking on the wire and draging the Sub VI while pressing crtl+i?

Knight of NI

Well, the first problem is that Ctrl+I is already used to display the VI properties.  Secondly, I think I prefer this idea.

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Knight of NI

This is nearly a duplicate of a better idea.

The reason I prefer the other idea is because I would not want the subvi to be wired in the wrong place because I moved it over the wires, such as would likely happen often in a crowded block diagram.


Good idea nonetheless.  Have a look at the link provided by crossrulz.

Community Team

This is not a duplicate idea at all. This would be far smoother for what it does (it would do in one keystroke what even with the other idea would take roughly 2 mouse drags on average), but it covers less cases than the idea it is a 'duplicate' of (it only covers cases where a wire overlaps input and/or output terminals).


I would make a tweak - change ctrl-I to just keystroke I. You're already dragging, so there's no need to have a control modifier key.


Proven Zealot

LukeASomers: It is a duplicate. Any idea that is posted is both a "do this specific thing" and a general cry for "I need help in this area." This is another way of accomplishing the same goal: inserting a node on a wire. It may be worthy of putting comments about this alternate mechanism into that other idea's discussion, but separating it into a separate idea just means duplicating the debate about what is the right way to do insert.


It's a different solution to a similar but not identical problem.