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object locked and colors

Status: Declined


                When an object is locked, we can not change, neither his position, nor its size.
                                           but we can still change its color. This is not logical.


                                                           i disagree with this behavior

              When an object is locked, we should not be allowed to change its color(s).


                    original5.png      393.gif

                    (sorry for my broken english, i try to do my best)


Proven Zealot

I filed this as a bug report as CAR #342471. The behavior goes back at least to LV 7.1, probably longer.

Active Participant

As this choice is in a menu related to positioning and order I've always thought of the lock as a position lock, not a change lock.

Trusted Enthusiast

the position is locked, the size is locked ... and color should also be locked.

When an object is locked, it can not be half locked.

NI Employee (retired)

I believe locked only applies to size and position, too.

-- Mike
Trusted Enthusiast

only for position and size ?
yes, obviously, since for now we can still change the color. Smiley Wink

Trusted Enthusiast
Echoing Mads comment, let me be precise in my statement: Based on the context of the menu, locking *should* only apply to position and size. If you really do not want color changes consider a strict type def.

This is either not a bug or it is a much bigger bug than just the color. Here are a few more things you can do to interact with a control that is locked.

  • Operate a button
  • Edit the text in a numeric or string
  • Operate the inc/dec arrows of a numeric
  • Change the selected item of a listbox
  • Change the control's label
  • Change a button's bool text
  • Modify the items in a listbox
  • Change the range of a slider
  • Change the plot style of a graph through the plot legend
  • Add controls to a tab of a tab control

The list goes on and on. Locking as currently defined only covers 3 operations: selection, context menu (right click) and resize. We can decide to change the definition of the feature but until then I'm closing the CAR that AQ created. If you think we should change the feature, feel free to Kudo the idea.


"only covers 3 operations: selection, context menu (right click) and resize"

For me, this is ok. I usually use locking just for not accidently moving it (especially for tab controls or pictures where you want to drop control/indictors on top).

I still would like to be able to change everything else.

Proven Zealot

After GregR talked to me yesterday... I agree it would be bad to change this behavior.

Community Team
Status changed to: Declined
the Locked option is only for position and size