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move decoration element palette to highest level

Status: New

Remark: I'm using LV2015SP1, maybe there is already a change in LV2016 which I do not know!


Why is the decoration-element-palette of the block diagramm located inside Functions => Programming => Structures ??

In my opinion it's just a styling element which can be used for everything and nothing.
So my simple idea is to move it to the top level Functions-palette so that it can be easily found and reached.

Proven Zealot

Speaking as LV R&D: Could be done. Let's see what kind of kudos this idea gets. I have my doubts about the utility of this... it's vanishingly rare that I see decorations used on any VI sent in by users, probably for the reasons you mentioned in your other idea. It's a pretty advanced user who bothers to comment their code anyway, and most of those users tend to use Quick Drop (ctrl+space on Windows; cmd+shift+space on Mac; <mumble, mumble, I forget> on Linux) and no longer care about most palette organization.


Maybe it's also because nobody find's the decorations palette Smiley Very Happy

Trusted Enthusiast
Trusted Enthusiast

Or because there is nothing fundamentally useful in it?


I used to use it a fair amount, but pretty much only for the arrows. (I have used the flat box occasionally to let me highlight specific blocks of code for commenting, but usually its just the arrows)  Now that comment blocks have the automatic arrow generation, I don't really use the decorations anymore.  If they are in a sub-palette, then structures is the right parent though.

Jon D
Certified LabVIEW Developer.

Hi Andi,


in terms of code documentation, I would like to add to your idea, that we don't call the entry "decorations" but "documentation" and add valuable items to the palette like "#label"-template and others to remind the user 😉


Have a great day