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Maps auto-index just like an Array of Clusters, but the tunnels do not offer the same right-click options. It is not recognised as a cluster:

Right clicking an array of clusters auto-indexing tunnelRight clicking an array of clusters auto-indexing tunnel

Right clicking a map auto-indexing tunnelRight clicking a map auto-indexing tunnel

Hence it is not so easy to place an Unbundle node.



I would love LabVIEW to treat right-clicking on a Map's auto-Index tunnel in the same way as it does right-clicking on that of an Array of Clusters, so then it is easy to choose the appropriate Unbundle node.

The screenshot below shows the welcome or splash screens of LabVIEW 2021 Community Edition and LabVIEW 2020 Community Edition.

The 2021 splash screen should display the version, i.e. "2021".


It would also be useful for it to display "Community Edition" like the 2020 version does.

1 (edited).png