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From early on in labview i've had issues with larger VI's not being completely visible on the screen, making it more difficult to 'wire up'. Other suggestions have been for resizing the front panel, but resising the diagram would also be a very helpful feature.

Similar to the "view / zoom" window in IE8 or word to view more or less information on your screen at once. Hopefully this would come with a hotkey option as well to quickly increase and decrease the zoom level during code writing.

It would be great to have a feature similar to the Microsoft 'Format Painter'.


Sometimes in a project you need to change an amount of indicators from one data type to another (U8 to U16 for example) or, you want to change the number of digits of precision, string indicators from Normal to Hex etc, etc.


A Format Painter would be great, highlight the format tool, click on the master object and then click all of the controls/indicators that have to be the same. The painter could work on front panel objects or block diagram terminals.

It would great if we could set the time of the CRIO controller via MAX as we select the time zone.....

In many of my programs, it is frequent that I have to issue a command, then wait for a period of time before reading a response. Usually, if there is a timing delay in code, it is usual to end up with something like this:




To do this more neatly, I created a timing subVI with errors wired in and out, and a number wired to it, to instruct the program to stay in that subVI for that period of time. It takes up much less space.




By doing this, I can easily control timing and execution. However, it's be nice to rework the 'milliseconds to wait' diagram so we could wire errors through it, as this would make the block diagrams so much neater...


If i am creating a new control of the same type as the first one, for the second time, the name automatically changes by concatinating "space 1 ". that is fine. but simultaneously i have option of having the same name as the first control by editing.  When i am creating variable it is confusing for which control i must relate it to untill unless i find the control and check.


I want to know (some kind of information on availability of the same name for another control) while editing the variable name of the same type is available.


Should it be allowed?


needs some clarification on this..

To improve the quality of interfaces, we need to change the color of the focus rectangle. Otherwise we do not see anything on a dark interface.

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If you have multiple version of LabVIEW opened, it is difficult to tell which version is which by looking an the windows task bar.  There should be some differentiation between versions for easy identification.




i like that the function write image en tiff format sport a multipage the read image sport to read the selected image numeber from tiff format.



sport the direction of array sort incresing or decsrising 

arLos imagines de formato tiff permite guardar varios imagines en LabVIEW no tenemos posibilidad de guardar  varios imagines en el mismo fichero tif ni leer los siguientes solo lee el primer imagen que encuentra en fichero,

quiero posibilidad de guardar y leer varios imagines en el mismo fichero tiff o cualquier formato estandar que permite varios imagines en el mismo fichero por ejemplo DCX,

24520iD10181C16C0EBC8E Many


Many developers have to program on laptops that usually come with a limited screen. How if in Labview, we could use a zoom capability on block diagram. It could works fine also using the mouse scroll. Very usefull to little screens .




I don't know if this idea belongs in the "LabVIEW" Ideas Exchange necessarily, but this idea is something that would really make a big difference to my LabVIEW development, so I offer it anyway: "Parallelise the FPGA Compiler to take advantage of modern multi-core computing power".


The FPGA compiler takes approximately four hours to compile my large FPGA VIs, which makes for long and tiresome debugging processes. It's clear that the compiler uses only one core of my CPU when compiling. If the compiler could be written to take advantage of the many cores of today's multi-core computers, it could potentially reduce my compilation times to an eighth! (Where I work we have an eight-core number crunching server ideal for just this task, and I'm sure we'll get even greater core counts in the near future - thinking GPU here).


I know the compiler is probably the intellectual property and responsibility of Xilinx Corp, and not National Instruments, but I expect NI can give them a big push if we all asked nicely for it!



When you make a build, Project Explorer concludes with a status box that tells you where the build "lives".  This box needs to have a button "open folder", or at least make the status text selectable to ease navigation to the Build folder.


Carsten Thomsen

For whatever reason, the end of an array is just as natural a location as its beginning. Go figure...

Hence it would be nice to have an index array function that could be started from the end (for instance with an "invert" indexing option accessible with a right-click).

At this point, one has to either flip over the array (time and memory costly) or clutter the diagram with a "Array Size" + "Minus One" (and more if one wants to access previous elements).

My 2 cts,


On occasion one needs to open the source code for a closed VI. The Project explorer window appears to be a good access point for browing and opening VIs. However, clicking on the VIs opens the front panel only. It would be great to have the ability to open the block diagram if one holds the <CTL> key while clicking a VI on the project explorer window.


Anthony L

I think it would be great to allow zooming out on a block diagram. I know we should make all attempts to code on the available window space without scrolling but it's not practical in some situations.

All the time I make type def enum's in order to use with a state machine. Most of the time I create the enum from the block diagram instead of the fp. Maybe I should change my habit but I wish there was a "create type def" option on the bd right click menu so I didnt have to change to control, switch to fp, customize, then change back to constant.




Enable a Sub VI to launch as a daemon without having to open a reference to it using its path.  The VI Properties page would look like this:



Wait until done would be checked by default, and auto dispose reference would be left false be default.  So instead of parsing the path to the VI on disk and using a method to run it:


I just set the correct properties in the VI Properties page and drop the subVI on the block diagram of the calling VI.

In their current form, Auto-Indexing tunnels only operate on a single dimension of an array.  For example.  If you input a 2D array, through an auto indexing tunnel into a for loop, and display the resulting 1D array in an indicator inside the for loop as below, you will always get the last row.


I'd like to see a feature where you can right-click on the tunnel or something, and set it to auto-index by column, instead of by row, and get the last column instead.20773i86B483107F51CD3820775i651136B201680B64


It could be as simple as an option in the context menu for the auto-indexing tunnel to say "Index by rows" or "Index by columns"  It gets more complex with 3D 4D and moreD arrays, but you could do something like a submenu flyout that says "Index By Dimension" > "1", "2", "3" etc


I often use strict type definitions to change data between SubVIs. The wires of the type definitions are always pink and this is sometimes a little color chaos.

Strings are pink, clusters are pink, ...


It would be nice to have the feature like in the LabVIEW classes. There you can definie the look of the private variables wire (form and color).