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when you right click on a color property node, and select create constant, the result is a U32 constant !!! Smiley Sad

so that you have to know the representation of your color in U32 formats, or you will replace it with a color constant.


I think it will be nice when I create a color constant to create a color constant not a U32 constant.




The useful feature of having an arrow connect a free label to the part of the code it refers to was added in LV 2013. However, there are cases where a label refers to multiple objects, so you would want to point an arrow to each of those objects. Currently this is unavailable. I suggest that this feature gets implemented in following LV releases. It makes block diagram documentation just that bit better.

Attached Labels Now/Future

Currently, if you want to enter in multiple elements in an array, you have to click on the empty element before typing.  It would be more effecient to be able to press tab to enter another element in that array.

Within LabVIEW Build Specs you can specify a version for an executable that is built.  You can presently see this from within the Windows add/remove program and there are some funky ways of getting this version with .net or WinAPI calls but you should be able to do this from LabVIEW similar to the app version as shown below.




This should also be within LabVIEW so that it can work from LabVIEW Real-Time as well.

The title says it all - I'd like to have the option to inherit my configuration settings from the previous LabVIEW installation (or from a specified path).  Currently I have to do this manually by copying the ini file from the previous version, but I'm never sure whether there will be compatibility issues with the new version of LabVIEW or if there are obsolete settings.  The installer should check for compatibility/obsolescence issues as it creates the new ini file.


Alternatively / additionally, I'd like to be able to specify where LabVIEW loads the LabVIEW.ini file from (which could be located on a network or USB disk).

Currently, digital displays are free floating and are not the same height as their corresponding plot in the legend.




Also, when an additional plot is added the displays no longer line up.




I would suggest including the digital displays inside the Plot Legend.




It could be a property of the graph so the user could choose to turn the option on or off




Note: The current method to have a similar effect is to lock the entire chart so that it cannot be edited (KB 4VQDROPI)

I suggest having a feature that would allow us to add "virtual" error terminals to any VI by right-clicking any VI and selecting "Add Virtual Error Terminals...". These virtual terminals would do nothing more than act as pass-through tunnels to facilitate data flow. This would allow us to minimize the use of sequence structures:



LV2010 introduced a new possibility of accessing class private data via property nodes. However, I suggest to reduce the size of the property node when the Name Format is set to Short Names (default). The suffix .lvclass is not necessary.



If you wanted to use a lot of functions from the same palette, you have to either keep going back through the context sensitive Replace/Create menu or manually search back over to the palette through the Functions palette to get to the functions you need.


Wouldn't it be nicer if we could pin that palette down directly from the context menu?





If this has already been implemented in LabVIEW 2012, give this idea a miss!

When developing a Complex LabVIEW Applications, we may need to create N Number of Folders as a part of Configuration information.

This requires the developer to make a check "Check if File or Folder Exists"

Instead of that Create Folder Function can have a Boolean "Optional Input" to create the Folder only if not found in the specified Location and Eliminating the Error when trying to create same folder again.

Hope this will help Smiley Happy

Hi all,


It will be very convenient to have the ability to change the amount increment in a for loop.  Currently, the i in for loop start at 0 and increment by 1 for each iteration.  It will be great if we can change the start point of i and the amount increment, similiar to what we can do in c.


for(i=2; i<10; i=i+3)



Now that scripting is "legal" we need to be able to do more with it, when it comes to the event structure scripting is weak.


Here are a couple of discussions where people wish for more scripting functions around the event structure :

Triggering an event on a picture created with LV Scripting

- Remove Frame Not Implemented

How do I get the cases in an event structure

- Event Structure Selector Labels


We need to be able to add and edit event!

In LabVIEW if I want to use a property/method of a control I have to right click and select property. Same for second control I want to use same property I have to do same operation again. My idea is if we select all the controls and right click, some common property like value, visible and etc..... Should display and by selection it generate automatically. This can reduce my application development time.



Multiple Control Selection.png


So if this key feature is there in LabVIEW we can select multiple controls or properties and perform some basic operations to reduce our application development timing.


Thanks and Regards
Himanshu Goyal | LabVIEW Engineer- Power System Automation
Values that steer us ahead: Passion | Innovation | Ambition | Diligence | Teamwork
It Only gets BETTER!!!



I suggest that radix is always visible when the numeric display format is other than decimal. Is this number decimal for instance?:




Well, it was hex:


Number_x188.png  ... -> ...  Number_392.png


Basically you'd know that if there isn't a radix visible, then the number is decimal. It should still be possible to show radix for decimal numbers as well. This should be the case for both constants and controls/indicators.


Just one of those little things that would enforce a minimum of documentation.




I inherited lots of VIs with complicated terminal connectors. It is a challenge to determine which terminal is associated with a given control. 


Why not highlight the associated terminal when a front panel control has been selected?


In other words, currently when I select a terminal, the corresponding control is highlighted. I'm proposing that it should also work the other way -- when I select a control, the corresponding terminal gets highlighted. 


I have just figured out a workaround, but it's clumsy. I can temporarily delete the control, observe which terminal goes white, and then immediately restore it with Control Z. But my proposed solution would be cleaner. 




I find it a real pain to add simple formatting to text in labels and decorations (free labels / floating text).  I really wish that Ctrl+B (Bold), Ctrl+U (Underline), and Ctrl+I (Italics) would do thier expected magic.

It would be nice if the conditional tunnel would be polymorphic.  They only accept Boolean as condition.  Please add the error cluster, like it is available on Case Structure.


Hi All,


I saw in the Forums,Developer are spending more time on the convertion of the programs from UP to Down or Down to UP due to their requirment.

if NI provides the add on tool for Converting Up/Down,Down/Up.


it is easy to use and they can spend more time on other part of Developmnet.


Version tool.png

The thumb tack in the palette is handy. But it disappears when we right click a node to find the corresponding palette.


So there has to be extra steps when I want to find more relevant nodes. What I really want is adding the thumb tack to it as in the normal palette, like:


Thank you.


Best wishes,





Please close if duplicate


I use (and abuse, especially combined with the Bookmarks feature) attached labels a lot

I would like a single comment to be attachable to multiple objects


It would prevent me from duplicating labels/comments


Multiple Objects Attached Comment.png