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It might be worth exploring the feasibility of having an online vi upgrade/downgrade service, where you could submit your vi, and receive back the new vi.


I realize this wold be a huge undertaking, however, a reasonable fee could be charged. It could be a second option, in case the customer:

Has tried to do this on their own and failed

Does not have the intermediate versions to perform the required jumps

Isn't worth their time considering the cost of the service


In the case of upgrading a vi, this could serve as an added incentive to invest in the latest version of Labview, especially if the customer is several versions behind.

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Would it be great to have free labview license that would allow to read VIs and save them to the previous version you have?

Immediate upgrade to new version does not happen in my case. I can not justify it for my boss, it adds a lot of work to upgrade all customers to new version, I hate idea of supporting multiple versions of code.

The main reason I need later version(s) is forum posts, other solutions that I would be able to open, save to the full one for real use. May be I will see the beauty of VIs in new versions and agree to upgrade =)

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For LabVIEW users,

How many of them need "Delete Option" on Right Click Context Menu?

Delete option in Context Menu.png

I feel providing an delete option in right clicking context menu for any Indicator or Control deleting will make developers easy and fast assessable and avoid too-much use of keyboard.

We use our left hand for control and Shift more offen but for pressing delete button which is at right top corner in keyboard, all of a sudden we will remove our right hand from mouse and press Del which is non comfortable.


So, Developers share your point of view for the same and request to add Delete Option in upcoming version.

Later we will ask even Cut Copy Past...:smileyhappy: He! He! He!

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To make easier the distribution of .lvclass, it would be interesting to create packed lvclass (.lvclassp) like lvlibp for lvlib. A second idea is the possibility to call lvclassp 's Methods in Teststand.

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I find conditional disables very useful for managing complex applications that require multiple configurations.  Often I have several versions of an application with some features removed (disabled depending on hardware support or target platform)  and use a conditional token to turn on or off these features.  What i find frustrating is that this is not connected (at least as far as I know) to the build process.  I would like the project conditional disable symbols to be overridable in the build script so that I can have several build scripts with different settings.

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I did a search and did not find this. Hopefully it is not a dupe.


The event structure has become an almost integral part of LabVIEW programming. It should no longer be considered an advanced tool that is only needed in the full development system and higher. Events should be included in the base package. Maybe it means slightly increasing the cost of base and slightly decreasing the price of full. I don't know. But there should not be a LabVIEW that does not include the event structure. I own (my company owns) the development suite so I get nothing out of this. But if I were to buy my own copy I could almost see spending $1,249 but definately not $2,599. I am not going to spend over a grand for events and I am not going to program in LabVIEW without them either. So maybe someday, if this idea is accepted, I will get something out of it. And so will National Instruments.




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