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coordinates position display of controls

when you place some control in the front panel, You don't have any idea of his position, You don't have posibility to control de exact position of this control, and You can't edit this position, only you have a small tip strip display when you move this control.You cant change the position of a control wiht the properties nodes in execution time, but this is not enough.
place a display in the front panel, to display the absolute position of a control, and his size, and when it is selected, to able to put his position, in additional way in the properties of control, having the posibility to do the same operation.

Knight of NI

These are standard properties in, but so frustrating to get with LabVIEW.  I have to create a property node to get the value, but then to modify a value I have to write more code.  Why can't it just be easy.  Also, it would be nice to have the same options on the decorations.  If I move a control I often want to move the backround decoration as well.

Proven Zealot