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compound arithmetic switcheroo

So, in some inherited code there's lots of Compound Arithmetics where the input wires are either random or reversed from a neatness perspective.

It seems the Ctrl+click switcheroo only works on the 2 input version, and it'd be good if it worked on the larger ones. The way I see it work is either:

1. Hover over the input separator to switch those two specific inputs, which'd make a full reversal a sort of manual Bubblesort

2. Like the VI input selector, where you can select one and Ctrl+click another to switch those two.


(Atleast I cannot seem to do it in LV2017)



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There have been several ideas posted on expanding the use of the switcheroo tool that I would call this a duplicate of one or more of them.


Here is the one that would encapsulate your idea.

Use the wiring tool to swap inputs or outputs which have been wired incorrectly

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