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cometic change on build array output terminal


Build array is one of the most VIs used with shift register. 



 It is always a bit annoying from UI perspective only to see this curly line which would be much better if connector of appended array is moved below as proposed in the picture above.



KInd regards,
Waleed El-Badry, MSc., CLAD MCPD
Knight of NI

I would actually prefer it to be on the top since you should be adding items to the end of the array instead of the front.  And I am certain this is a duplicate.  I'm just too lazybusy to go search.

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Knight of NI

Thanks RavenFan for pointing out to this thread. I'm glad that someone asked 7 years ago and got no response.

KInd regards,
Waleed El-Badry, MSc., CLAD MCPD
Proven Zealot

This idea will be closed as duplicate. The OTHER idea will be closed as "Complete in LabVIEW NXG". The realignment of terminals across the board is one of the major changes made in the new platform.

Proven Zealot
Status changed to: Duplicate