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When closing project or quitting LabVIEW, Abort VIs dialog should list the VIs

Status: New



  It would be very usefull to know which VIs are still running.


Active Participant

ditto for "Quitting will abort all running VIs"

Active Participant

This would be a reasonable place for a button to actually abort all those running VIs, before one decides to either close or cancel.

Chris Virgona
Active Participant
Active Participant

Enrico: Agreed, but sometimes my project is locked up and all I can do is close it through Explorer or Task Manager... There are other tricks to close running VIs but most of us want something better out of the box!

Chris Virgona
Active Participant

It happens to me too (for instance call to DLL hanging, including into that the "infamous USB-serial non-timing out dongles"). That however is out of the scope of this idea imho, and already mentioned elsewhere, like e.g.


If you want us to use the Actor framework or anything like it this is a must !! 

Trusted Enthusiast

Great idea! I would use this.

Wirebird Labs: Expert Toolkits for LabVIEWDeploy, by Wirebird Labs: Expert Toolkits for LabVIEW

I would like this list of "still running VIs" to be clickable so that the frontpanel of the VI is opened when you click on the name!